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Postdoc position for 3 years at the Berlin Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Lab (Prof. Klaus Gramann) at TU Berlin, Germany

A position as a Postdoctoral Researcher is available to be filled starting December 2016 to work on human brain dynamics during active physical navigation using synchronized electroencephalography, motion capture, and head-mounted virtual reality. The research focuses on investigating the neural dynamics accompanying active physical rotation and translation in space. Underlying research questions concern where and how movement-related idiothetic information is represented in the human brain and how it is used during spatial navigation.

The position is part of an international and interdisciplinary team working on Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) at the Berlin Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Labs (BeMoBIL). For more information on the lab and research projects please visit:

Applicants should possess a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology or related field. Strong signal processing skills are required including substantial programming skills in MATLAB. Research experience with locomotion and biomechanical models is desirable. Experience with EEG analyses using EEGLAB is helpful.

The location will be Berlin, Germany. For further information please contact Klaus Gramann (


For information about related projects, see the following journal papers:


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